Litefilm Tech Co., Ltd. is a high quality Optical Coating Components Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Thin Film Solar Module, IR-cut Filter and Optical Fiber Coating Service with superior quality. Our Optical Coating Service can be applied in Projector Display Components, DVD Pickup Head and Thin Film Solar Modules. If you are searching for reliable Optical Coating and Optical Fiber Coating Solution Supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us. Main Products: Thin Film Solar Module IR Cut Filter Optical Coating Optical Fiber Coating Component

Other Optical Coating

LITEFILM TECH CO., LTD. has adopted latest techniques in design and manufacturing in order to supply high quality products on time anywhere in the world. Also, is one of our main products, featuring its durable quality and long-lasting performance.

Optical Coating Manufacturer
As a reliable Optical Coating Manufacturer, we supply various sorts of coating and offer high quality Other Optical Coating. If you are searching for Other Optical Coating, please feel free to contact us.

Optical Coating

Other Optical Coating

Litefilm Tech Co., Ltd. has devoted in Optical Coating Components industry for many years. As a leading manufacturer of Wafer IR-Cut Filter, Projector Display Coating Component, DVD Pickup Head Coating Component, CMOS Cover Glass and Other Optical Coating in Taiwan, we pay much attention on customer satisfaction and keep providing high quality products and competitive price to them.
Etc. Other Optical Coating

  • 1.Big Size Hot Mirror & Cold Mirror
    2.LCD Protect Panel
    3.Monitor Anti-radiation Glass Filter
    4.Enhance Al Mirror
    5.Block Blue Mirror
    6.Fog Lamp Coating
    7.Any Shape Glass Cutting & Grinding
    各種類オプティカル コーティング製品
    1. 大基板ホット・ミラー&コールド・ミラー
    2. LCDプロテクト パネル
    3. CRTモニター アンチラディエーション フィルター
    4. 増反射AIミラー
    5. ブロックブルーミラー
    6. 各種車載用フォグ ランプ コーティング
    7. 各種特殊形状ガラスの高精度研磨面取り、精密切り、等多種類加工

At LITEFILM TECH CO., LTD., we know Other Optical Coating and we’ve got the ranges and the prices to suit your needs. No matter you are looking for manufacturer for new products or new manufacturer for current products, we are willing to provide samples for you to test.