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Projector Display Coating Component
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Projector Display Coating Component

Coating Component


Litefilm Tech Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in Projector Display Coating Component, Thin Film Solar Module, Optical Fiber Coating Component, High Energey High Density Coating and CMOS IR-Cut Filter. Our products are widely applied to Optical Coating Components industry. All of the products made by us are of high quality but priced reasonably.
Etc. Projector Display Coating Component

  • 1. UV-IR Filter
    2.Gradient Dichroic Filter
    3.0°、45° High Reflection Mirror (R>99%)
    4.P/S Converter Coating
    5.Broad Band AR Coating
    6.Color Correct Filter (Phase Balance)
    7.Color Wheel R.G.B Filter