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CMOS Cover Glass & IR Cover Glass
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CMOS Cover Glass & IR Cover Glass

CMOS Glass,CMOS Cover Glass


Litefilm Tech Co., Ltd. has been providing CMOS Cover Glass, Thin Film Solar Module, WAFER IR-Cut Filter, CMOS Camera Module and DLP Project Optical Component in Taiwan for many years. Since we consider customers’satisfaction our utmost goal, we have endeavored to offer them high quality products and competitive prices.
Etc. IR Cover Glass

  • 1.No Particle / No Chip Cover Glass ( Chip < 10μgm )
    2.IR Cut Filter Cover Glass
    ( Chip < 0.05mm, Particle < 10 ?gm)
    3.Laser Cutting Glass ( Any Shapes, Any Dimension, Chip < 0.05mm)
    CMOSカバー ガラス及びIRカバーガラス
    1. カバーガラス加工
    2. IRカット付カバーガラス
    3. 各種レーザーカット加工ガラス