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High Energey High Density Coating
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High Energey High Density Coating

Optical Coating, Mirror Coating


As a leading Manufacturer of Optical Coating Products, we provide High Energey High Density Coating, Optical Fiber Coating Component, DVD Pickup Head Coating Component, DLP Project Optical Component and Thin Film Solar Module that meets specific technical and performance requirements.

  • 1.High Energy Laser Mirror
    2.High Energy Laser Half Mirror
    3.Low Temperature Shift Filter (Ts<0.01nm / ° C)
    4.High Voltage Lampe Surface UV-IR Coating

    1. 高出力用高反射ミラー
    2. 各種高出力レーザー用透過ミラー
    3. 低シフト フィルター(Ts<0.01nm/℃)
    4. 高圧電球表面UV-IRカット コーティング

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