Service Process
Litefilm has good technology and rich service experience, so the products manufactured by the company are far ahead of the industry in terms of superior quality, product variability and market expansion, and have been affirmed by many partners.

Since its development, it has been committed to the development of optoelectronic materials and optoelectronic components required for optoelectronic systems, the application and innovation of coating technology, and the internationalization of the market, providing customized product services, and from product design, production, manufacturing to post-processing, The whole process is completed independently, which can effectively control the quality and track the delivery date in real time. It is the most reliable and reliable partner for customers.
Understand the needs
  • Product demand communication, providing professional product consulting services, through telephone/E-mail/personal visits, communication needs, the company will provide professional consulting services and quotations.
  • Quotation according to your product specifications and quantities.
Product Design
  • Design and plan according to product requirements.
Professional manufacturing and multi-processing.
Quality control and inspection test.
After-sales Service